Nov 20 2017

Nov 20 2017

I Consent

It’s been a while since I have made an entry.  It is not because there were nothing to write about, it’s precisely because so much has transpired that I  couldn’t even wrap my mind around them to put them in words.


First off I was visited by an entity.  By entity I mean high vibration beings.  Entities talk to me all the time telepathically.  It’s been going on for over a decade, but I’ve never actually seen one.  I have felt their presence and heard their communications numerous times but have never actually seen one with my physical eyes.  Have even seen them with my 3rd eye but never with my physical eyes.  So for me to actually see one with my physical eyes was a remarkable occassion.  One night, I was ready for bed and went into my room.  I flipped on the light in the room and just walked in towards my bed.  My higher-self told me there’s an entity here waiting to talk to you.  I looked across to the far side of my bed and saw the outline of a big energy orb.  I didn’t see any facial features, no limbs, just an orb of energy.  I could trace the outline of the energy orb and it was shimmering.  I’ve never seen anything like that so I just stared at it for a good ten seconds.  And I thought cool now what?  Like so many times before, entities usually communicate with me just before bedtime, I naturally proceed to get into my bed and switch off all the lights and start to meditate.  I don’t know any other protocol about communicating with them, they usually initiate the communication.  All I need to do is lie down and get myself into a meditative state.  I know, not everyone would respond the way I did.  But honestly that was what came to me to do at the time.  I didn’t feel afraid or threatened.  I was just intrigued because this is the first time I see one with my physical eyes.


The entity started communicating with me once I got into a meditative state.  A part of me was resisting and saying how do you know this entity is legit, i.e. an entity that I would want to communicate with.  No I didn’t know.  All I could go on is by feeling.  I have made peace with the fact that there will always be experiences, people, entities or information that I would not know whether they are “legit” or not.  I have also come to the decision long time ago to trust my feelings, trust resonance.  I checked in and I feel it’s ok to communicate with this entity.  I went through the list of usual entities that communicate with me and it’s not any of them.  I asked for a name even though I know entities don’t have names like humans do, but I would like a name or some sort of label to file this experience under.  The entity wanted to be known as Kria. I got a sense that this entity is related to Kryon in that it is a support entity.  Kria wanted me to channel some information and put it in the public eye.  Kria came to me in persona to ask for my permission to do the channeling.  I didn’t give an answer at that moment.  I’d think about it and we left it at that.


The next evening, or I should say the next couple of evenings, pretty much all the entities that communicate with me regularly dropped by and told me they support me fully in this new “assignment”.  The Alpha Cintaurian showed up first and said they would unlock parts of my brain to allow for a smooth channeling…. etc…..  This went on for a couple of nights and I was a bit flabbergasted.  You have to understand that these are all high energy entities and I get a full blast of energy every time one of them show up, which meant that normal sleep was not possible.  After a few nights of this shenanigan, I finally tuned in to myself to see what my next move should be.  When I tuned in, I got a yes.  Even though on a conscious logical level I had a lot of resistance to the idea, some part of me, a major part of me, resonated.  So I consented to channel Kria.


My soul consented but my ego wanted reassurance so I texted Franco to ask him to tap in and tell me what the heck I have consented to.  Franco confirmed everything and even told me why Kria showed up physically too.  Suffice to say that I have room for improvement.


Since then I have started to call in Kria in my meditation to familiarize myself with the energy.  I was told by the Alpha Cintaurians that they will need to come work on me twice  to unlock parts of my brain.  As of this writing their work has concluded.  The Sirians showed up last week to kick my butt about procrastination.  Let me tell ya you don’t want to piss off the Sirians.  The Pleiadians have such lovely loving gentle energies.  The Arcturians too have really high vibration loving energy.  The Alpha Cintaurains feels more neutral to me.  They usually show up when there’s work to be done on me like unlocking my brain or DNA, that kind of stuff.  The Albicurians have only showed up once so far and they are intense.  I mean I felt their energy as being very direct and powerful.  The Sirians just started showing up the last few months.  They too have a very intense energy.  Every time the Sirians show up, I felt like my body is being dismantled and put back together again simultaneously.  It’s not a bad feeling, it’s just intense.


Honestly I don’t know where this journey will take me but I’m relief to know that it has started.  I have been in a holding pattern for the last few years.  It is good to finally know which direction to move.

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