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Sep 20 2017

Sep 20 2017

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Take Back Your Power

I some times watch videos or read articles on FB that makes me feel powerless. For example I recently read an article about how Monsanto is using these weed-killers that kills all plants except their own genetically modified ones.  These weed-killers in fact forces neighboring farmers to have to use their seeds because they can’t grow much else.  I was thinking how is that a fair deal!!!  I also have friends who told me they flip out when they see pictures of animal abuse, pochers cutting off tusks from elephants while they are still alive!  These are indeed very dis-empowering scenarios.  How do we stay connected to our infinite beingness when there are barbaric stuff like that happening around us all the time?

I would like to suggest some empowering consciousness expanding ideas and processes that you can experiment with to TAKE BACK YOUR POWER.

First off, there is no reality outside of you.  Which is another way of saying that you create your own reality.  We each create our own reality.  The “reality” we experience is not something that is completely outside of us and we have no control over it.  The reverse is true.  We create our reality and we only experience the reality that we create for ourselves.  We all create our only reality and to the extent that our reality resonate with someone else’s reality we seem to share an over-lapping of realities that seem to look and feel seemless but there is always a difference which few of us look careful enough to notice. It is even more confusing because most of us do not create our reality consciously.  It is something that we do unconsciously.  Very few people know that we are doing it and even fewer knows how it is done.  Those of us who have figured it out are called masters and they perform miracles that we all believe are beyond our capability while the reality is that we are all doing it all the time without even knowing what the heck we are doing.  So fully consider the ramifications that whatever you are experiencing is all your creations.  All the bad as well as all the good that is around you are all your creation.  Take responsibility for everything that you have created.  Taking responsibility is not about disapproving, feeling guilty or shameful etc….  Taking responsibility is “knowing” who you really are.  When you know that you are creating this, you know you can also un-create this.  Don’t think or hope you can change it, KNOW that you can.  Let your unconscious creating know that you are now in the know and you no longer consent to unconscious creating.  A simple process that I’ve learned from Ineila Benz is to put a mental circle around the things you don’t want to see around you and put a cross over it indicating that you don’t need to see more of this.  Then create the mental picture that you would like to see instead and put a take over it to put in your vote.  The next step is to let go of any attachment to the outcome of this process.

You are the creator of your own reality.  You are the creator of your own body.  You chose the experience you want and the parents who can best support you in co-creating the experience you want.  You chose all your play-mates and all the other people and events to help you stage every step of your experiences.  You also has the ability to change what you want to experience. You are eternal creator. Let go of all the attachments that you have on playing small and consciously choose what you want to experience in your reality.

The meditation tonight is to guide you to go to 13th Dimension which is beyond this universe.  Let us go there to experience and remember who you really are beyond this body, this universe and this reality.

Sep 6 2017

Sep 6 2017

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Maintaining In High Frequency

Some of us have just came back from a pewerful retreat.  The post retreat glow was wonderful while it lasted.  However the post retreat crash came sooner or later.  Which led to this week’s topic which is how to maintain in high frequency.

First off frequency is a means for us to have certain experiences.  High frequecies allow us to have harmonious experiences.  Low frequencies allow us to have more “colorful” experiences.  Why would any one want to have anything but harmonious experiences?  Let’s say you want to be help people, that’s your misson in life.  If there were only harmony around you, your chances of living out your life’s purpose may be limited because everyone is content and happy.  On the other hand, if there are lots of unhappy dis-satisfied people around you have way more chances to be of help.  For someone to be a hero, someone else will have to be willing to play the part of the damsel in distress.  Some people enjoy the ups and downs of life, they find the emotional ride exhillirating. Remember that frequency is just a means for us to have certain experiences.  Let go of the judgement that high is better then low.  Let go of this dualistic paradigm.  Frequency is just a number.  Expand your consciousness and know that whatever frequency you are in and whatever feelings you have right now, you are free to choose a different one any time you want regardless of what is happening around you.

Attending a retreat is great, however no matter how mind-blowing the retreat had been it is what you do each and every day after the retreat that matter.  There are plenty of people who have been to all the right retreats and yet they have only made a small step forward in their own evolution if at all.  When you are at a retreat, the leaders raise your consciousness.  They gave you a chance to peak through the veil and get a glimpse of the possibilities at the next level.  It is up to you afterwards to take the necessary steps to get into the next level and not just reminesc about the possibilities.  Have a structure that will keep you taking the next step and then another step and so on.  The structure may be daily meditation or listening to the replay of the retreat or listening to other consciousness expanding talks and videos or use the techniques that you have learned to ground it in your daily routine.  I suggest doing all of the above.

Another thing you can do is to join a consciousness expanding group.  It is easier and more fun to join hands with others who are on the same journey.  Being on the Shining Light Call is one way of joining an online group each week as we explore ways of expanding our consciousness.  We also offer a weekly meditation on Monday nights at 9:30 pm edt.  There are many online and in-person meetups to select from.  If you are still at a lost to find the right group you can always start one up to satisfy your own unique taste and requirements.

Let go of old beliefs that is weighing you down.  Gaia, mother earth, is already in 5th dimension consciousness and since we are Gaia’s children we are all set to vibrate at 5th dimensional frequencies and expand easily into 5D consciousness as well.  The only reason we have difficulty maintaining our 5th dimensional frequency is our “stuff”.  Our “stuff” is the old stories and beliefs that is weighing us down.  It is time to choose.  Do the work to let go of what’s holding you back.  I presented a processing method that can help you to let go of “stuff” 2 weeks ago and you can get the replay here.  Listen to the pre-talk.  It talks about how to process unsupportive beliefs and emotions.

Other things you can do is to re-program yourself.  You are being programmed each and every day by your environment.  It is high time you consciously create and select your own programming rather then be subjected to other people’s programming.  What do I mean by that?  We are bombarded with advertisements, television, movies, videos, Facebook, Google, Youtube, other people’s ideas, ideals and values ALL THE TIME. Each piece of information in our environment is a bit of programming.  Few of us consciously examine each bit of information and let our unconscious mind know whether we approve of it or not.  As far as our unconscious mind is concerned if we expose ourselves to the same information often enough we are implicitly agreeing to it.  In reality, that may not be the case.  That is why expanding our consciousness is so important.  You can start to take back the reigns by creating your own programming.  You can do that by writing out the new beliefs that you want to program yourself with on a piece of paper and put it in places where you will pass by frequently.  You can put the same beliefs in multiple places so that you ensure that you will see theat new belief around you more often.  You can also put the new beliefs on paper and wrap it around clear glass drinking water containers that you will drink out of all day long.  That way you will not only take in the new belief visually but also ingest it as well.  You can also repeat the new beliefs vocally so that you can feel them vibrationally and hear them audiolly.  This way you can saturate your senses with your new beliefs.  The more ways you can think of to expose yourself and ground yourself to the new beliefs the more effective the programming will be.  Have fun being the programmer of your own reality.

Last but not least is to find your joy.  When you are in joy you are naturally in high frequency.  Take an area of your life and imagine what it would be like for you to experience joy from this area of your life.  Live, breathe, feel and act from the point of view that you already have all that you need to experience joy in this area of your life.  Repeat this process for all the areas of your life.  Imagine, create and live as though your life is already filled with joy, light, love and gratitude.  Use all the manifestation tools that have been shared in the 3 previous podcasts.  Use them to manifest an abundant joyful life.  That is a pleasant way to maintain yourself in high frequency.

Tonight’s meditation draws on your imagination to create a joyful life and also taking advantage of 5th dimensional frequency to help you manifest it.



Aug 30 2017

Aug 30 2017

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Manifestation Part 3

So we have come to the last part of our Manifestation journey.  The main points regarding how to consciously manifest what we want has been covered in the previous 2 sessions.  In this final segment let’s go through some of the fast track technique.

The first acceleration technique is to see through the illusion of “Reality”.  Reality is a program.  There is no reality outside of you.  The Masters knew it and not only did they know it they live from it.  Masters like Jesus knew that “Reality” is an illusion and they live from it and we witnessed those moments and called them miracles because the Masters’ reality is so foreign to what our belief system allow us to create that we mistook them to be anomalies, i.e. miracles.  They are not miracles.  They are the result of some one who realized that they are the creator of their own experiences, their own environment and live from that perspective.  It’s easier said then done right?  There goes another belief alert by the way.  Whenever your circomstances are not in line with your desire and you feel that contraction closing in, remember to ask the question what do I belief that’s making me feel contracted?  Find the belief and process it until you no longer react according to the confines of that belief.

The second acceleration technique is to focus on what really resonate with your heart and fuel your passion.  Your heart has a lot more power to influence your environment then your mind.  When you start with what makes your heart comes alive you can harness a lot more energy.

The third acceleration technique is Knowing.  Knowing gives you confidence.  Knowing that you can manifest is not the same as hoping that you can.  You are a creator.  You cannot not manifest.  Knowing that you can manifest and that whatever shows up is simply an indicator of past manifestation and allow yourself the confidence that everything shows up for your benefit.  Enjoy your manifestation and keep upgrading your beliefs until your environment matches your desires.

The fourth technique is to live from the perspective that you already have what you want to manifest.  Think from that perspective, live and breathe from that perspective.

The meditation tonight is to take you all to the 5th Dimension and to create from the perspective that you and that which you desire are together already.

Aug 23 2017

Aug 23 2017

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Manifestation Part 2

We are creators.  We manifest our reality every single moment, albeit unconsciously.  Manifestation is part of our being.  We don’t need to learn how to manifest, we need to learn how to consciously manifest what we desire.  To learn to tweak our manifestation let’s go over the process of manifestation.  First off we need to know what we want to manifest.  The best way to do that is to write it down as a goal.  Few things to remember about writing a goal is to state it in positive term, i.e. write down what you want not what you don’t want.  It is highly recommended that you write down what you want as a goal as the act of writing something down engages more of our senses which facilitates the manifestation process.

After you have written down your goal, look at it and read it out loud and internally to yourself.  Observe how you feel about your goal.  Watch for any internal dialogue or feelings or body sensations that contradict or contract or some how suggest that you may not have this goal.  What you are looking for is any incongruence within yourself that this goal is achievable or plausible for you.  It may come as a “How, Who, What, Why, When?”” This is your mind trying to figure it out.  Manifestation is not about figuring it out.  After all if you can figure it out you would already have it.  You want to manifest something precisely because whatever you want is just beyond what you can figure out temporarily.  So any figuring out is just a form of incongruence.  The incongruence that you perceive is symptom of a limiting believe that you have bouncing around in your unconscious mind.  Some of your believes are  unconscious until you set a goal and the believes are what are standing in your way of having your goal.  There is no such thing as an impossible goal.  Reality is structured in such a way that if you truly desire something you can and will create it.  It may take more then your own efforts and resources to manifest what you want however you are the one who holds the vision to manifest what you desire.  The work you do is to discover the believes that are incongruent with your goal and let go of those believes.

A believe is a thought system.  At the core of a belief is an idea supported by emotions and other supporting beliefs.  A belief is seldom an isolated phenomenum just like a tree seldom has just one and only one branch.  What gives a belief it’s power is the emotions attached to it and the other supporting beliefs.  We persist in hanging on to a belief is because the belief has some how convinced us that it is useful.  Just because a belief is useful at some point in time does not imply that it will always and forever be beneficial under all circumstances.  To let go of a belief and to transform it you must first establish a co-operative relationship with it.  Observe where the belief is stored in your body as you trigger the belief.  For example as you read your goal out loud you noticed that there is an internal dialogue that says “Who do you think you are to want this goal?”.   That internal dialogue must be coming from a belief that some how made it incongruent for you to have this goal.  Look for how you feel when you hear the internal dialogue.  Notice whether you feel the effect of the dialogue as a lump in your stomach or a pain on your neck etc..  The underlying belief is stored in your body some where and when you trigger it it will show itself in the form of a sensation on your body.  Look for the sensation and use the sensation as your focus to monitor your interaction with the belief. Welcome in and send love to the sensation.  This is to establish a co-operative relationship with the belief.  Ask questions to get an understanding of the purpose of the belief.  The belief may not want to communicate with you at first and that is alright.  Just keep on sending love to it and observe how the sensation transforms.  Even though the belief may not communicate with you the act of observing it will invariably cause it to change and transform.  In time the belief will express to you what it’s purpose is.  Ask if this is your belief or a belief that you have adopted from someone else or something that you have adopted as part of a group.  A belief is usually here to protect you or some other positive purpose.  You have to decide whether you still agree that the belief is beneficial or not.  If you decide to let go of the belief let the belief know your intention and your change of mind and let the belief express whether it is ready to go or not.  If it is not ready to go, check whether there is a percentage of the belief that is ready to go and what the percentage is.  To the extend that the belief is ready to leave, let it go and observe the transformation of the sensation in your body.  If the sensation was a lump in your stomach you may notice that the lump is smaller or lighter in color or weight etc…  This observation is an indicator that something has been transformed.  A belief may not be ready to leave completely usually because of a fear of the unknown which is a good belief to work on next.  However, the point is not to force the belief to go because forcing creates friction that will just reinforce the belief.  The belief is there to protect you some how and forcing it will only add more resistence from leaving.  Just make a note to go back to release some more of the belief at a later time or another day.

Aug 16 2017

Aug 16 2017


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Manifestation Part 1

We are always manifesting.  We are creators and that is our nature.  Manifestation is what we do every single moment in our lives.  There is no “Reality” as we wee, hear, feel, smell or taste if we were not manifesting.  We MANIFEST our “Reality” every single moment we are alive.  It is just that we have been manifesting unconsciously all this time.

As some point in our lives we would want to take back our power to manifest consciously rather then letting the process go however it goes.  That usually is when we begin our struggle with manifestation because we feel we have to “make it happen”.  We start to ask how, demand that some one gives us the steps etc…  Frustration sets in and we may or may not succeed.

First thing to remember is that you don’t make it happen.  You are always manifesting.  That is just the way it is and you can’t make it not happen.  Instead think of the “Reality” you see around you as a feed back system.  What you see around you is what’s going on inside you from moment to moment.  If you don’t like what you see, be absolutely grateful that your “Reality” is serving you so well because it is only trying to tell you the incongruence within.  Your task is to recognize what your “Reality” is telling or feeding back to you that is not congruent for you to have the experience of your choice and start to change it from within so that your environment a.k.a. “Reality” will start to transform as well.

The second point to be aware of is that you can only manifest at the frequency level that you are at.  When you manifest at the frequency of 100 you can only manifest with the things and people that vibrates at that frequency.  When you move up to frequency of 200 you have access to more.  The point is to raise your frequency to the level that has the experiences that you intend to draw into your life.

Tonight’s meditation is on focused on reminding you and reconnecting you to the Creator that you truly are.

Aug 9 2017

Aug 9 2017

Releasing Judgement Pretalk    Length 14:01    Size 5 mb   Download

Releasing Judgement

I came from a long lineage of very judgemental people, i.e. the human race.  We pride ourselves in being able to “judge” what’s good and what’s bad for us.  It’s the basis of a lot of religions, i.e. to “judge”.  We even have gods that judge us by allowing us to enter pearly gates of heaven or rot in a rather nasty place called hell.  Our mind has us convinced that our judgement facullty is what  protects us from harm.  The truth is of course not the case.  Judgement is a faculty of our mind, our ego.  The ego’s job is to keep itself intact.  You however are not the ego.  You are much much much way more then that.

You can’t stay in Joy, Light, Love when you are at the level of ego, because it only take one wrong thought to move you over to the “Bad” side.  Instead change the game.  Be in your heart space instead and follow only what resonates with your heart.  Follow resonance.  Get out of the Judgement game.  Tonight’s meditation is on how to let go of this dynamic.

Aug 2 2017

Aug 2 2017

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Fast Tracking Into 5D

Have you ever wondered how come we are still slogging it out in 3D! After all it’s 2017, a good 4.5 years after 2012 we are still not seeing much change! Do you want to speed it up?  Tonight’s podcast is on how to speed things up, to Fast Track yourself into 5D.

We are infinite beings living in amnesia and beliefing that we are these fragile bodies being subjected to a destiny of uncertainty.  In fact we are infinite beings that is having a human experience.  We have no idea how powerful we actually are.  None of us know our full potential until we start to remember who we truly are.  I have found that a few proven techniques can help us remember our true self.

The first method is staying in your heart.  Our brain is magnificent for functioning in the human reality, but to reconnect to our infinite beingness the brain is quite useless.  Thinking is disruptive.  Focus on your heart and listen to your heart’s messages.  The heart does not always communicate with words.  You will get a feeling or an impulse at first.  After a while of focusing in your heart, you may even get revelations of what is really going on.

When you first focus on your heart, you may get some emotions coming up.  That is when you know you need to heal your emotions which is the next method.  Emotional healing is quite simple.  Just allow your emotions to come up without any judgement.  Feel the emotions fully without any story attached to it.  Your body knows how to let go of emotions as long as you don’t judge it or make up stories about it cause you have a tendency to remember and therefore keep the stories and judgements around.  As long as you remember the stories and give significance to the meaning or judgements to them, the emotions will get stuck in you.  Just let it all go, the feelings and the significance of the stories, they all need to go.  You will feel much lighter and happier for it.

The third method is to get out of Karmic relationships.  Karmic relationships are relationships that hold us in life patterns that no longer benefits us.  In short any relationship that is in the way of our remembering who we truly are is a karmic relationship, because we are all one.

Jul 26 2017

Jul 26 2017

Pre-Talk              Duration  26:50            Size 10 mb                Download link

Weight Loss

How is your relationship with your body?  Are you disapproving of the way you look?  I had the pleasure of having lived with a house mate that is a few times of his ideal weight a few years back.  You never quite know a person till you have lived with them for a while.  It was an educational experience.  I remembered him and how he was when I started to research about tonight’s topic.  Beauty comes in all sizes yet in a lot of societies, beauty comes in a rather limited body shape.  We are trained to look at the physical and ignore or at the very least down play other attributes of the people we meet.  More significantly, we are trained to approve, accept and love ourselves or NOT according to very physical cues that we see in our mirror.  Weight issues is a symptomatic issue.  The causes of weight gain or loss are usually to do with a disconnection with ourself.   The disconnect may be due to an emotional trauma that causes us to become disconnected with ourself.  It is high time to look for those emotional blocks and start to let go of them.  The meditation is to connect with our body and the memories that we may have forgotten about that was still hanging around.  Time to let it go.  Nothing is worth sacrificing your peace of mind.  If you rely on the love that comes from someone else you will always be giving away your power.  Dare to love yourself so much that it no longer makes a difference to you if you get it from another source or not.

Jul 19 2017

Jul 19 2017

Pretalk: Duration 11:45; File size 5 mg; Download here

Clearing Procrastination

Procrastination is a symptom.  If you procrastinate it’s a pretty sure bet that you have within you at least two opposing values that’s grinding you to a halt.  What those opposing values or beliefs may be is any body’s guess.  It may be related to what you are procrastinating about.  After all you may not be procrastinating over everything in your life.  If that’s the case you are in luck cause you stand a good chance in finding out what the opposing stories may be and if you are truly willing and ready you can even clear out the energy of procrastination as well.  This week’s meditation helps you get clear on who you are and getting rid of beliefs that you have adopted once upon a time and no longer serves you.

Jul 05 2017

Jul 05 2017

Pretalk on Your Life’s Purpose

Duration  16:15;  File size 7 mg;  Download

Your Life’s Purpose

What is your life’s purpose?  There is a reason you came here at this particular space time.  You are an infinite being of light.  You don’t have to be here but you chose to be here to create something or experience something that will add to the Universal Collective.  You didn’t come here to just get a job, a wife or husband or kids, or to collect anything no matter how important they may seem to you right now.  You came here because you have something to add to the Universal Collective’s consciousness.  Once you got here though you have been side-tracked by all the other colorful experiences that the Human Collective has available for you to sample.  It’s all good.  That’s why you signed up for this assignment, for the side-track perks!!!

To support you to have the most brilliant sojourn on Gaia, the meditation tonight will take you to review your original goal that got you here and also to set you up with the best possible mindset to have a wonderful experience.

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