Sep 20 2017

Sep 20 2017

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Take Back Your Power

I some times watch videos or read articles on FB that makes me feel powerless. For example I recently read an article about how Monsanto is using these weed-killers that kills all plants except their own genetically modified ones.  These weed-killers in fact forces neighboring farmers to have to use their seeds because they can’t grow much else.  I was thinking how is that a fair deal!!!  I also have friends who told me they flip out when they see pictures of animal abuse, pochers cutting off tusks from elephants while they are still alive!  These are indeed very dis-empowering scenarios.  How do we stay connected to our infinite beingness when there are barbaric stuff like that happening around us all the time?

I would like to suggest some empowering consciousness expanding ideas and processes that you can experiment with to TAKE BACK YOUR POWER.

First off, there is no reality outside of you.  Which is another way of saying that you create your own reality.  We each create our own reality.  The “reality” we experience is not something that is completely outside of us and we have no control over it.  The reverse is true.  We create our reality and we only experience the reality that we create for ourselves.  We all create our only reality and to the extent that our reality resonate with someone else’s reality we seem to share an over-lapping of realities that seem to look and feel seemless but there is always a difference which few of us look careful enough to notice. It is even more confusing because most of us do not create our reality consciously.  It is something that we do unconsciously.  Very few people know that we are doing it and even fewer knows how it is done.  Those of us who have figured it out are called masters and they perform miracles that we all believe are beyond our capability while the reality is that we are all doing it all the time without even knowing what the heck we are doing.  So fully consider the ramifications that whatever you are experiencing is all your creations.  All the bad as well as all the good that is around you are all your creation.  Take responsibility for everything that you have created.  Taking responsibility is not about disapproving, feeling guilty or shameful etc….  Taking responsibility is “knowing” who you really are.  When you know that you are creating this, you know you can also un-create this.  Don’t think or hope you can change it, KNOW that you can.  Let your unconscious creating know that you are now in the know and you no longer consent to unconscious creating.  A simple process that I’ve learned from Ineila Benz is to put a mental circle around the things you don’t want to see around you and put a cross over it indicating that you don’t need to see more of this.  Then create the mental picture that you would like to see instead and put a take over it to put in your vote.  The next step is to let go of any attachment to the outcome of this process.

You are the creator of your own reality.  You are the creator of your own body.  You chose the experience you want and the parents who can best support you in co-creating the experience you want.  You chose all your play-mates and all the other people and events to help you stage every step of your experiences.  You also has the ability to change what you want to experience. You are eternal creator. Let go of all the attachments that you have on playing small and consciously choose what you want to experience in your reality.

The meditation tonight is to guide you to go to 13th Dimension which is beyond this universe.  Let us go there to experience and remember who you really are beyond this body, this universe and this reality.

One thought on “Sep 20 2017

  1. Hi Winnie,
    Thank you for this meditation, just did this now. I wanted to do it for a while but have been busy moving into my new place last weekend. Tonight is full moon and I wanted to do this in light of bringing in new energies to the Aries new moon.
    Warm regards,
    Tish W.

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